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charting Shakti Program

Shakti is...

…the primordial flow of life⁠
…our infinite creative potential⁠
…a sensual power pooling at the base of the spine⁠⁠

Shakti is ready to rise…are YOU?

this Program is more than Learning to chart your cycle…

…it’s reclaiming your womb power

On a personal journey of self-discovery, developing an intimate understanding of our unique menstruation, sexuality and fertility is vital to well being, as this is our connection to an inner compass and creative energy that guides our life.

do you want to…

  • Have an clear understanding of your unique menstrual health, and know if your cycles are healthy?

  • Learn to listen to your body, for that connection to your intuition and self-trust?

  • Confidently use FAM for natural contraception that’s up to 99% effective? And for eventual conception?

  • Deepen communication + pleasure in your relationship(s), by redefining intimacy?

  • Align your life to your moonthly hormonal changes, for more ease day to day?


You deserve ease, clarity and enjoyment of your reproductive years!
Fertility Awareness Method is a life skill that practically

supports you to do just that.

the Science:

What You’ll Learn…

The Sacred:

  • How to chart the tangible signs of when you are fertile (cervical mucus, basal body temperature + more)

  • How to confidently use FAM to avoid or achieve pregnancy

  • Ranges of a healthy cycle, so you can monitor your reproductive health

  • The 4 cycle phases, and how to support each part through nutrition, movement and life management...without overcomplicating "cyclical living"

  • Basic anatomy and hormone science to better understand your body for deeper appreciation and self-care/love

  • Guided meditations for healing and embodiment

  • Womb-based / cycle aware practices for more comfort and sensual energy in your pelvis

  • Sharing circles and lunar rituals for spiritual connection

  • Navigating emotions and mental health throughout the cycle so you can love yourself better

  • Defining your boundaries, needs and desires for more aligned choices that serve you in your life

  • How to cultivate intuition and trust your inner authority to embody more autonomy


get empowered with accurate information, accessible tools, and loving guidance to reconnect you back to your deepest wisdom...the one that is found within.


“Emily is one of the most radiant humans I’ve been blessed to come into contact with! Her capacity to share from her heart with clarity, passion and pure presence is absolutely magnetic. There are few people who blend the ethereal wisdom of Spirit in practical ways of living within this material world, and Emily does this effortlessly from a place of empowered experience.” — Lauren Lee, 500 RYT

“Emily is in her purpose. The spaces she creates is EVERYTHING a soul could need to ground back into their bones and return home….She’s hands down one of the best facilitators I have experienced when it comes to understanding of the womxn’s body.” — Kendra Adachi, Life Coach

Having epilepsy, The Pill is simply not an option for Arianne. When they found out about FAM and joined Charting Shakti...

...everything changed for them!

Witness Arianne's story

"I wanted it [to take The Pill]...because I wanted to feel free. But now as I'm 6 months into charting, I feel more free having the knowledge of how my body functions! The body literacy part of it all is what is fascinating to me, because knowing...KNOWING what my body does makes me feel so powerful!"

- Arianne

the Science:

How We'll Learn...

The Sacred:

Charting Shakti unfolds over recorded modules and live calls, intentionally crafted to flow with the unique humans showing up to this intimate journey together.

You’ll receive:

  • Printable sympto-thermal method charts + digital FAM guidebook

  • A mailed package that will have everything you need for the program, including:

    • key info postcard “cheat sheets”

    • glass thermometers

    • charting pens

    • a speculum

And more:

  • Downloadable embodiment practice, meditations and journal prompts for you to keep and revisit forever (value over $600).

  • Guest expert teachers ($200+).

  • Spaces in our online learning portal for questions, sharing, and sistxrshood between group calls ($priceless)

  • Exclusive invites to Emily’s free semi-annual reconnection group Q and A sessions, which are only available to her current / past clients ($50 annually)


Past Participant journeys

IMG_2791 2 - Sophie Yates (1).jpg
"Before the program, I was on a path to connecting with myself and was curious about FAM as an alternative to the IUD I had, and wanted to explore that as an avenue for conscious contraception. I also wanted to meet other like-minded women and build my community of people who 'get it', as I can feel alone in this kind of work.
During the program, I felt supported and fascinated about what I learnt. I felt anger too; it's unbelievable that this knowledge isn't widely known. I felt humbled by what the other women shared and the wisdom that they brought.
After the program, I feel empowered and like I have much greater awareness and resources to look after myself and take responsibility for myself than I had before. I'm on a journey I'm really excited about and it's such a pleasure to continue meeting myself...My sense of who I am, what I'm capable of and the love, care and attention I'm able to give myself has shifted."

Sophie, UK

More Profound Experiences...

“The most profound part (let alone all the knowledge I took away) was the sisterhood. I signed-up to learn how to chart…but what I didn’t factor in was the spiritual side, and all the other things that come into it. It’s really positively influenced my life. If you’re considering signing up…I can’t recommend it enough! it’s literally been one of the best things I’ve done this year.”

- lara, uk

“this is exciting sh*t to know!!! I really, really enjoyed the community, the other womxn, and the energy of it all…
my experience in charting shakti has elevated the way that I am in relationship to my body…my cycle and how exciting and magical it is!” 

- kendra, ca

“I had come with a lot of fear, distress, upset and anger at my body…and it was so joyous to find out more information that I just didn’t know…
…then to fully understand how and why [my] cycle works…
…It’s been life changing…I’m charting my cycle…I know what’s going on and I’m not in the dark anymore!"

- Nikki, UK

this is for you if 2-3 of these sound like you:

  • You want to know if your cycles are normal, and how to improve them naturally

  • You value your health, and want to support your wellness with cyclical living

  • You want to ditch the pill or IUD and get in touch with your natural rhythms

  • You want to monitor your menstrual health, and gain insight into your overall health

  • You’re looking for guidance and sistxrhood on your self-healing journey

  • You are want to deepen your sacred connection to your womb’s creative power through meditation, contemplation and embodiment practices

  • You are ready to revolutionize your linear life of exhaustion into a cyclical flow of balance

  • You are completely new to FAM, but feel ready to dive-deep and put the time into developing this valuable skill

  • You already know about FAM, but want to take it seriously so you can confidently use it for contraception

  • You are on “the pill” or have an IUD and want to start learning about FAM to transition to charting for your birth control.

  • You are preparing you mind, body and soul for conscious conception

“Before signing up for the Charting Shakti program, I had seen charts before and I felt completely overwhelmed by what they meant. I couldn’t imagine that after only 12 weeks in Emily’s FAM program I would feel safe enough to use my charts for contraception!

Usually I struggle with consistency and making time for a new habit. But I didn’t miss or procrastinate one session of this course. I think there are many reasons for this: the classes were super interesting, the community was supportive and loving…and the amount of sessions was just perfect.

I’m walking forward in my life with more confidence and understanding of myself, my body, my cycle. With more clarity. More strength and trust in myself.”

- Lisa, canary islands

this is  N O T  for you if:

  • You only want the science of FAM, and aren’t looking to engage in personal reflection, somatic embodiment practices or sacred womb-work in sistxrhood. 

  • You’re expecting Emily to “fix” your cycle or provide medical advice for your journey with hormone imbalance or endocrine issues (like fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, hashimotos or other reproductive healing you are moving through). Emily will provide general wellness guidance and suggest resources / next steps, but she is an educator...not a healthcare practitioner.

  • You don’t have the time or mental space to develop a new skill at the moment




After nearly a year of not being able to get pregnant, Emily found Charting Shakti and joined immediately...

...listen to hear what happned!

"I went into this with this...desire to be more self loving...and just feeling very lost in how to do that. I came in with a lot of shame. My period came to be this very resentful, negative thing in my world. And when I decided to take this course...there was this shift in my energy. The love that I was able to find in understanding myself understanding my cycle better gave a lot of gratitude to my womb space to be able to accept that I loved it for what it was. If you need a space that is safe to talk about things you've never talked about, this is the space for you."
- Emily

You’ve scrolled all the way…so you must be interested!


Come as you are my love,

the earth can hold it all...

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