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here's my story

I'm Emily Jane, and I would have never predicted finding myself in the role of guiding women beyond the fear and frustration of our fertility, as I grew up in a religious family where bodies and cycles were never spoken of, and like most young girls was in societal systems that stifled me from growing organically into who I wanted to be.


But I am forever grateful to that fiery thing within that drove me to question the system around me and dare to live big. I took off on many nomadic adventures exploring Self, Earth and Others that primed me to come home to myself and reclaim my cyclical power, by eventually leading me to FAM (fertility awareness method). Through FAM I learned to track my cycles, connect back to my body’s innate creative forces, and explore my sacred sexuality that was healing and empowering.


The work I offer through workshops, courses and programs is the birth of combining my extensive training and experience as a former school teacher with my passion for womb reclamation. I've been studying the sacred and scientific of reproductive health for over 5 years, inspired by my direct experience with the transformational power of body literacy. In 2018, I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training which further tailored my teaching methodologies to support women within movement, meditation and contemplation. In 2021, I certified as a Fertility Awareness Educator. I am a humble student first of The Divine Feminine and a teacher second, always.

I've learned that once you step onto this path of your womb work, there is no turning back. I am devoted to being in service to womb power so you can come home to the truths of your sovereignty beyond patriarchal conditioning. My intention in teaching holistic reproductive wellness is to empower you with the accurate information of modern science, accessible tools for self-healing and loving guidance to reconnect you back to the deepest wisdom - the one that is found within.

University Of Alberta, Bachelor Degree of Education
Completed April 2010

Mahi Yoga School In India, 200 Hour Multi-Style YTT
Completed July 2018

Womben Wellness, Womb Sciences Immersion
Completed August 2019

Sattva School of Yoga, Finding The Teacher Within 200 Hour YTT
Completed March 2021

FEMM Health, Fertility Awareness Educator Certification Training
Completed March 2021

Samantha Zipporah, Miscarriage & Abortion Support E-course
Completed December 2021



Truth: understanding our reproductive health requires that the most accurate, up-to-date science is being taught. We are unafraid to bust myths so women can feel empowered with the truth.


Accessibility: understanding our bodies and cycles is a basic part of being able to live well, and anyone who desires this knowledge (across race, age, gender, class or religion) deserves it.


Reverence:  we can move beyond dreading our period, and instead flow with the intelligence of our cycle.


Intimacy: learning about our bodies can bring up complex emotional experiences. We found our work on creating genuine, caring spaces so participants can feel supported to open.


Autonomy: we are the ones within our bodies who live our direct experiences. We are each the central expert of our unique body, and we each get to decide the choices we make regarding ourselves, our health and our body. 



To provide holistic reproductive health education through immersive experiences (both in person and online), that support women in reclaiming and redefining their relationship with their fertility and menstrual cycle for more ease, depth and vibrancy in their daily lives.


A world where women and menstruators are the experts of their own bodies, living in their truth and enjoying the full expression of their sexuality by being sovereign caretakers of themselves and all their womb continuum experiences.

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