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What if your Hormones
aren't a

What if we just need to get empowered with accurate information, accessible tools, and loving guidance to reconnect us back to deeply transformative experiences within our fertile, sexual, cyclical, bleeding bodies?

Hey, I'm Emily Jane

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...your go-to Womb Science Witch (aka Certified Fertility Awareness Educator) for all things cycle health. From avoiding pregnancy with charting in a way you can actually trust, to cultivating more ease + depth and pleasure within your pelvis and's my highest honor to serve you along your womb reclamation journey!


You can be the expert of your cycle...

...and I’m here to show you how. It’s time to step into the light of body literacy, and receive the holistic reproductive health education that you never got growing up.


Gone are the days of suffering in silence, fearing your fertility and believing you're broken. Brave one, your womb power has been with you all along and it’s waiting to be claimed!

Get instant access to this free online fertility awareness method (FAM) mini course. What is FAM? It's a biology-based cycle tracking framework that will revolutionize the way your connect to your body...

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Britney, CA

"I shifted my attitude about my cycle and fertility, and found the clarity and trust I was looking for within my own body. I feel even more comfortable, confident, and connected to myself, finally seeing the beautiful gifts of my body that have been with me all along."

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Learn a specific topic based on where you are at in your journey. From cyclical living, to cervical mucus tracking to using plants to bring on a are sure to learn valuable skills to support your sexual sovereignty and expand body literacy.


A deep-dive into mastering conscious contraception with FAM, as we develop an intimate understanding of our unique menstruation, sexuality

and fertility as a central aspect of our well being...and somatically explore our connection to this inner compass and creative energy that guides our life.

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