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In this immersive workshop, we weave together a sensual + somatic exploration of our fertile bodies with a science-based lesson on the biochemical process of ovulation, and how to track our cycle through cervical mucus observation...


You can expect:

  • rituals, embodiment practices, journal prompts and personal sharing to guide you towards stepping into the light of your fertile force

  • a scientifically detailed lesson of the mechanism of fertility (with lots of slides to support your visual learning), and the way to observe and interpret your cervical mucus to have greater body / cycle awareness

  • question and answer time


You'll leave with a clear understanding of:

  • the characteristics of a “healthy” / “typical” cycle

  • how to check + track cervical mucus with a clear system

  • the difference between non-fertile vs fertile discharges

  • baseline fluids vs non-peak mucus vs peak mucus

  • the holistic jaw-pelvis connection, and soooooo much more :)


You’ll receive:

  • 3 printable PDFs to make actually integrating this new habit practical (two different styles of cycle tracking sheets and a mucus cheat sheet)

  • 3 months access to the workshop recording


You WONT leave with:

  • enough info in this single workshop to implement charting for effective or reliable contraception, although these are the foundational teachings to begin the journey of charting for pregnancy avoidance.


This workshop is more focused on:

  • the tools you need to begin tracking your cycle for body literacy, health monitoring and deepening your relationship to your womb through scientific cycle awareness. These teachings will also support some on their conception journey of wishing to become pregnant.


Understanding your fertile fluids is the basic cycle literacy you need to bring your power to life! Once you have this wisdom, it stays with you for life!

FLUID: The Art and Science of Cervical Mucus Tracking

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