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All living things cycle through phases of radiance and rest - and we who menstruate are no different. We are blessed with experiencing a physical / spiritual rise and descent and release every time we cycle, and this gift awaits all our lives to be claimed. When we invite our lives to align to our bodies’ rhythms, we cultivate ease in our experiences by consciously synergizing with our hormones, rather than unconsciously against them.


As we awaken to the cyclical process of our reproductive physiology, we reveal an inner blueprint and innate wisdom as our guide, which transforms our loathing of our cycle to a deep appreciation for the intelligence of the womb.


Expect to learn:

  • how you can consciously listen to the subtle language of your cycle

  • how to align your lifestyle for optimal reproductive health (which is not just for having babies)

  • how to better care for yourself as a cyclical being living within linear systems

  • what it looks like to manage your roles + responsibilities in a way that highlights your cyclical nature as a gift


You''ll experience:

  • womb-awakening meditations

  • an overview of how your reproductive hormones work

  • receive practical strategies, accessible tools and grounded approaches for cyclical living in your modern life

  • guided visualizations to embody your direct experience of cyclical living


You'll receive:

  • a cyclical living PDF guide with

    • multiple printable cycle planners

    • reflective journal prompts


This offering is for anyone seeking a more embodied experience of cyclical living as their daily normal. There is integrative planning time (using the printable PDF resources you’ll be sent) built right into this workshop, so you’ll leave with a self-created personalized cyclical living plan.


It’s time to reveal your inner rhythms and reclaim an understanding of your body for more ease, depth and vibrancy in your day to day life!

SYNC: A Cyclical Living Activation

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