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3 Hours


About the Course

In this immersive workshop recording, we weave together a psycho-spiritual reclamation of abortion with a grounded science-based lesson of the out of clinic options available to avoid / end a pregnancy.

You can expect:

  • rituals, embodiment practices, journal prompts and personal sharing to root you back into your power

  • a scientifically detailed lesson of the mechanism of fertility, and the stages between "not pregnant" and "pregnant", as well as the different strategies for womb management along those stages of cellular development to induce a bleed

  • hear the questions and answers time

You'll leave with:

  • a clear understanding of the difference between contraception methods, implantation inhabitation strategies, and abortion options both in and out of clinic

  • a wide array of options, guidelines and resources for solidifying your proactive pregnancy avoidance / release plan with either pharmaceuticals, plants or both

  • an overview of post-abortion holistic self-care

  • a shifted view of sexual power, fertility and abortion

You WONT leave with:

  • a dangerously over-simplified step-by-step, prescribed, "one size fits all" abortion procedure to do yourself at home. This is not how this journey works.

  • specific dosages for herbal tinctures / tea options (and it will make sense why I can't give you that when we learn about it in the workshop).

This workshop is more focused on:

  • proactively knowing how to interrupt the time between “sperm + egg contact" and “pregnancy” to bring on a bleed

  • proactively exploring many ways to release a pregnancy through different types of abortions.

How much longer do you plan to live without knowing how your body works? There's no time better than the present to start getting empowered with accurate information, accessible tools, and loving awareness to bring you back into the power of your womb!

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